Dec 292012

As the news of Gang Rape victim’s death in Singapore shocked the entire nation, a female scientist asked, “If the girl was surrounded by six rapists, why didn’t she surrender before them?”

This statement comes at a time when the entire country is demanding justice for her   and the people of India has even forced the UPA government to  bring measures to review laws dealing with sexual assault.

This shocking statement came from female scientist Dr. Anita Shukla in a seminar  in Madhya Pradesh at Khargone organized by Lions Club. The gang-rape of a 23-year old medical student in a New Delhi bus s  caused an uproar on the streets, social media, television and in Parliament.

What can be more shocking is the subject of the seminar  — “Sensitivity towards woman”. She made the statement from dias  in the presence of  many senior officer including Additional SP S.S. Chauhan, SDOP R.B. Dixit, SMHO Dr. Viraj Bhalke .

She even said that the victim was responsible for her condition

Dr. Shukla also said that “What she was doing with her boyfriend at midnight, it will happen when she would roam till late night with boyfriends”. Taking it further she said, “When she knew that she is surrounded by six drunk man, why she didn’t surrendered before them, at least she would never have been in the condition in which she is today”.

Woman commission objects

Objecting to Dr Shukla’s statement ,President of Woman commission said, “Dr. Anita Shukla has lost her mental balance. A statement like this from a female scientist shows that she insensitive towards woman even after being an woman”.

Shukla’s statement has fuelled anger among the people of India specially women as People are opposing her statement.

Clarifying her statement on Delhi gang rape victim, Dr. Shukla  said  she is sensitive towards the girl and said that but according to me that woman can only insecure her security.

“When she was surrounded by six drunk men she should be calm and later on informed to police”.

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  2 Responses to “Gang Rape Victim should have surrendered before Rapists: Female Scientist”

  1. But Democracy is a good thing !

    The Girl is dead
    India’s darling daughter is dead
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing.

    The womanhood is raped
    Poor are starving to death
    Farmers are committing suicide
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing

    Everyday , 3279 children die of malnutrition
    Millions of tons of grain rot under sun and rain
    Thousands die of tobacco smoke
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing

    Hundreds die in floods
    Few thousands die crossing railway tracks
    A million children die working for 18 hours
    In dark / dungeon slave factories
    Living on a slice of bread and glass of dirty water
    But democracy is alive
    And democracy is a good thing

    Where else but in a democracy
    Do people have a right
    To vote / select their own Masters
    Who , for the next five years, will

    ? Silence them

    ? Torture them

    ? Maim them

    ? Loot them

    ? Rape them

    ? Murder them

    Cry, Beloved Motherland
    And don’t stop crying
    Till your tears sweep these tyrants into the Arabian Sea !

    With utmost contempt

    hemen parekh
    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth


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