Aug 072011

RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal criticized the central government for its poorly formed ‘Lokpal Bill’. Speaking to the IIT Chennai students, Kejriwal said, “Government’s Lokpal Bill is so weak that even an ordinary income tax officer has more powers”.

He briefly defined the Government’s version of Lokpal and rejected it completely. The students at IIT gathered in large numbers to witness famous RTI activist and applauded him fully.

Arvind Kejriwal insisted, “If the Government’s Lokpal Bill is passed by the Parliament, only the common Indian people will face the wrath”.

Government has intentionally weakened their Lokpal version so that nothing much can be done against corrupt persons, said Mr. Kejriwal.

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  One Response to “Government’s Lokpal Bill has much less powers than ordinary Income Tax Officer: Arvind Kejriwal”

  1. Common man is bound to suffer, come what may….JAI BHARAT

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