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 Orders reserved, Promised an early date.
January 10 2011(New Delhi):The Delhi High Court today reserved its order on a plea to either incorporate paper trail to physically record the votes cast through the electronic voting machine or return to old days of paper balloting, rejecting EVMs.

A bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, reserved its order on the plea by Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy after hearing arguments by him as well as those of Election Commission counsel Ashok Desai.

Swamy argued that the Election Commission of India should return to the ballot system to avoid tampering as there is lack of transparency in the EVMs at the time of polls.

He argued either paper printouts should be incorporated in EVMs by the Commission at the time of polls or it should return to the ballot paper system as the EVMs are not tamper proof.

He argued the EVM does not have international status and European countries like UK, US and Japan have rejected them due to its failure and they prefer paper ballot for their elections.

Seeking the court to direct the Commission to return to the ballot system, Swamy also argued the EVM”s brain – micro controller – is being manufactured in foreign countries like Japan, which themselves do not use the machine due to its demerits.

Appearing for the EC, Desai, however, contended that the returning to the days of voting through ballot system would not be feasible as it would require immense expenditure due to over 73 crore voters in India.

source-dr swamy’s blog.

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  One Response to “HC reserves order on a plea to modify EVM or reject it”

  1. VotesApp

    Here is a suggestion to IIT-Bombay , to develop a voting app , to be called VotesApp. Highlights of VotesApp :

    ? An Android app which can be downloaded from Google Play / Android Zoom / GetJar and the official web site of Election Commission of India

    ? It will be pre-loaded on 220 million Aakash tablets which Govt of India plans to distribute to students

    ? It will also be pre-loaded on those Smart phones ( to be called, “ Dharati “ ? ), which Govt of India plans to distribute free to 400 million “ poor “ Indians , before 2014 National elections

    ? All tablet / smart phone manufacturers will be encouraged to pre-load VotesApp

    ? Using this app , a voter can register at Election Commission web site, where he will enter the same data which he has submitted for his Aadhar card, including Aadhar card number (Unique Identification No)

    ? All of these details will be verified by Aadhar database

    ? Obviously , those who have not obtained their Aadhar card , will not be able to use VotesApp . They will need to visit nearest polling booth

    ? Upon correct verification , Aadhar Database will permanently link the person’s Aadhar number with the mobile number from which registration is done, and issue a Password

    ? An under aged person will not be allowed to register

    ? A person will be able to vote only from that mobile number

    ? After login on first screen, user will be asked to select one option from > Panchayat Election > Municipal Election > State Assembly Election > Lok-Sabha Election

    ? Upon selection, user will be presented with the list of candidates contesting , from which , he can select only one by ticking a checkbox. There will be also a choice , labeled “ None “

    ? A long press on a candidate’s name will display details of his declared assets as also his criminal record

    ? After ticking / selecting a candidate, voter will click on “ VOTE “ button, whereupon his vote gets registered and VotesApp gets inactivated

    ? Once a voter registers on Election Commission web site , he cannot go to a poling booth and vote physically

    ? In less than one year , Govt of India will recover the cost of 220 million Aakash tablets and 400 million” Dharati “ smart phones , through this customized / personalized / shrinking of EVMs ( Electronic Voting Machines ) to a hand-held device. And imagine the millions of man-hours saved by not declaring a holiday !

    ? And the beauty is , no rigging , no one can capture this booth , or conduct exit polls ! What will “ experts “ discuss on TV channels ?

    ? What next ? Election Commission “ licensing “ VotesApp to other countries ?

    With regards
    hemen parekh
    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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