Oct 192011

"Jeetendra Pathak Kejriwal Attacker"

After releasing from jail, Kejriwal attacker Jitender Pathak has even warned Anna Hazare and said if he opposes Congress, I will even beat him.

Anna Hazare has already decided to go to UP and it seems that there would tough days for team Anna ahead.

Pathak also said he carried out the attack  on Kejriwal since he wanted to “insult” Kejriwal and that he did it on his own volition.

“I assaulted Kejriwal as I wasn’t allowed to question him on his stand. I wanted to insult him. I wanted to ask why Team Anna is still campaigning against Congress.” Meanwhile, All India Congress Seva Dal chief Mahendra Doshi denied that Jitendra Pathak was associated with Congress or Seva Dal.

“I am not Anna‘s domesticated dog, if Anna does not clear his stand, the same behavior will be meted out to him,” Jitendra said.

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