Sep 162011

"A. Raja 2G"Scam tainted A. Raja feels proud of what he did. According to him, he deserves praise for 2G not jail. Raja said, “He has done nothing wrong and false allegations have been made against him. I did something for the country.”
“Because of me, the calling rate has come down to 20 paise. In fact, it was me who said the telecom companies should pay for spectrum in excess of 6.2 MHz,” Raja told judge O P Saini.

Talking about the need to consider TRAI’s report, Raja said CBI was required to prove that TRAI’s report was only meant for future allocation of spectrum. “My prayer is that the TRAI letter must be taken into account,” he said.

He sought to reject the allegations of CBI that the licences granted by his predecessors were “minuscule” in nature. “Dayanidhi Maran, Pramod Mahajan and Arun Shourie issued about 56 licences. I issued 122 licences. How come this figure of 56 becomes minuscule in relation of 122?” he asked.

During the arguments, CBI held its ground saying the opinion of an expert committee set up by TRAI to access annual value of spectrum was in “consonance” with its own finding, of loss of Rs 30,000 crore in the allocation of licences and 2G spectrum.

The court will continue to hear arguments on Friday on behalf of the accused on using TRAI’s report as part of the judicial record.

Soon, Kalmadi and other scam tainted persons would be proud what they did. I wonder, who has deposited the money in Swiss Banks then.

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  1. Your whole party is full of traitors !

  2. People like you have looted the hard-earned money of Indians. Not only you but your God-fathers should be hanged as well.

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