Sep 082011

Even the bomb blast at Delhi High Court didn’t affect our ministers. The whole country was angry and sad over Delhi’s bomb blast but our leaders still didn’t miss time to sleep in the parliament at the time of Chidambaram’s speech just after the blast.

India politicians have never been able to give strong answers to its enemies. They even don’t get bothered even after the bomb blasts. Delhi’s blast has claimed 13 lives and injured more than 89 people still some leaders kept playing politics in the parliament and others found sleeping.

The biggest culprit among them was Minister of Corporate Affairs “Veerappa Moily”. He was just sitting next to the Chidambaram but didn’t take our home minister seriously. Taking nap was considered better option by him. Will anyone ever punish our sleeping ministers ? Watch the video carefully below:

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  2 Responses to “In the country of sleeping ministers, leaders found sleeping yet again even on the day of Delhi’s blast”

  1. Hey Bhagwan, kabhi yeh haadsa in VIP ke parivaar mai bhi karo !!!

  2. The Home Ministers speech lacks conviction that is why Verrappa Moily is sleeping.If the Home Minister would have been serious he would have also taken action to protect the Capital of India, where police bando-bast is directly under his Command.I think Home Minister is in sleeping mode even while awake.He should ratheke action against the management of the, ” Times of India Group of Papers” for defaming the Sikhs and thereby create a hostile environment in India against the Sikhs.Home Minister is a total failure and should have resigned instead of making any comment on the blast.

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