May 242012

New Delhi/ Bangalore/ Bhopal /Kanpur, May 24 (ANI): “This is a big shock for us. We have left all work and come here at the petrol pump to get our cars refilled. I am thinking of bringing my other car as well and get it refilled. It seems as we have no other work left. The price was increased few months back. If the petrol price increases by two rupees, then it is a setback for us. This time, the central government has increased it by Rs.7.50. What can we do now? I do not think that this government will last for long. It will fall anytime,” said Bhavishya Singh.

People across the country, who are often at the receiving end of fluctuating governmental policies, expressed their anguish over the sudden announcement of the petrol price hike by Rs. 7.50.

In New Delhi, protesting residents said that frequent petrol price hike were taking a toll of their budgets.

In Bangalore, residents urged the Central Government to roll back petrol prices immediately.

“As a public, we are facing a lot of difficulties. Lot of e-mails we are getting saying that in Pakistan and other countries the petrol rates are cheaper compared to India. So, the government should consider a price revision,” said Prashant Rao.

In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, people criticised the government for its incompetency in dealing with inflation.

“This government is not able to curb inflation and on the other hand is increasing petrol prices six or seven times in a year. With the recent hike in petrol prices, the government has proved that it is not for the poor or middle class, but only for the rich,” said Vishwas Kumar.

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, people complained about stagnant salaries.

“If they keep on increasing petrol prices like this, then we will face a lot of problem. Our salaries are not increasing as they are increasing fuel prices. How will we manage our household only God knows,” said Piyush Sinha.

The UPA-II Government on Wednesday announced a hike in petrol prices by Rs.7.50 per litre. The new prices came into effect from midnight.

The hike in prices means that the price of petrol in Delhi will go up from Rs.65.64 per litre to Rs.73.14 per litre. In Mumbai, the price will go from Rs.70.66 per litre to Rs.78.16 per litre. In Kolkata, the price will go from Rs.70.03 per litre to Rs.77.53 per litre In Chennai, the price will go from Rs.69.55 per litre to Rs.77.05 per litre.

State-owned oil companies have decided to raise petrol price by Rs 6.28 per litre excluding local sales tax or VAT. The hike translates into Rs 7.50 per litre in Delhi and is the steepest ever. (ANI)

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