Oct 172012

NEW DELHI: Facing graft allegations, Law Minister Salman Khurshidtoday threatened India Against Corruption member Arvind Kejriwaldaring him to visit the minister’s constituency Farrukhabad.

The law minister also said, “I have been working with a pen for a long time. Now it is time to replace ink with blood.”

Launching a bitter attack on Kejriwal, Khurshid was qouted by NDTV saying: “I don’t give a visa to go there but it’s a long road  to Farrukhabad …it is 300 km away. Let’s get there first.  Let him go there, but he should keep in mind that he has to return as well.”

Reacting to Khurshid’s statement, Kejriwal said that this was a threat to his life and such language does not befit the country’s law minister.

He also said that killing him won’t help as India has awakened and if one Kejriwal is killed there will another 100 to tak his place.

Meanwhile, India Against Corruption, the group that Kejriwal is associated, said that they will not bow down to threats and will go to Farrukhabad.

“Khurshid can do what he wants,” the IAC said.

The IAC has also sought President Pranab Mukherjee’s intervention in the matter.

Ending his four-day stir against law minister in the Capital on Monday, Kejriwal had announced that he would be taking the fight to Khurshid’s home turf – his constituency, Farrukhabad, in Uttar Pradesh.

The first protest rally against alleged embezzlement of a Rs. 71-lakh central grant by Khurshid’s family trust will be held there on November 1.

The decision to shift base came as India Against Corruption’s request to meet the PM was turned down yet again and senior ministers ruled out Khurshid’s resignation.

News Source: Yahoo India News

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    Whats a big deal eating with dalits, afterall its congress who sagmented and devided the nation for their own interest. Ask Rahul to give away some of his corruptly earned money to distribute among the poor 2ndly am a Brahmin and our domestic cook is a.muslim. rahul should be happy knowing this; afterall there is both Muslim and Chritian blood DNA is available in his blood.

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