Oct 042011

Congress leader Rashid Alvi didn’t look much concerned over Anna Hazare’s remarks. The Gandhiian recently said, “He would tell people to boycott Congress if the political party doesn’t pass bill on time.”

"Rashid Alvi and Anna Hazare"

Rashid Alvi replied Anna and said, “Rashid Alvi on Anna: BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena are already opposing Congress, it will not affect much even if Anna also opposes us.”

Alvi also said, “Anna Hazare is political guy that’s why he is giving such types of statements.”

“Congress is a strong party and they party of ‘aam admi’, how can Anna threaten us ?”

The war between Anna and Congress will definitely heat-up in the upcoming days if nothing is done to pass Janlokpal Bill.

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