Nov 232011

Now as minor earth quake hit some parts of Kerala, the Keralites are worried about this a century old dam. Kerala and TamilNadu are fighting over water, but the issue is more than just water. See the Pictures above and we should make this a national Issue…

They have a FACEBOOK PAGE also…Here is the link

Wikipedia article about the DAM..

The government of Tamil Nadu has proposed an increase in the storage level of the dam from the currently maintained 136 feet (41 m) to 142 feet (43 m). The Kerala government has opposed this move, citing safety concerns for the more than hundred year old bridge and especially for the thickly populated 4 districts downstream. More than 5million people will wipe. A 10-million-dollar 3D Hollywood movie inspired by these controversies, titled Dam 999, is scheduled for release in 2011




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