Nov 242011

"Delhi Man Harvinder Singh Slapped and Attacked Sharad Pawar at NDMC"

Harvinder Singh, who also attacked Sukhram few days ago, now slapped ICC Chief and Indian Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar for his comments on inflation.

After the attack, he was arrested immediately but he kept shouting “Sab Chor Hain”.

Sharad Pawar said, “There is no need to take it seriously.”

Many leaders of opposition parties condemned this attack and said, “there is no place of violence in the democracy.

Harvinder told the media that there is scam after scam and he is fed-up with this.

Right now, Sharad Pawar is at his home. PM Manmohan Singh also called Pawar and condemned the attack on him.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rashid Alvi criticized BJP leader Yashwant Sinha for his  since he said few days ago that people may become violent due to rising inflation.


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  1. “Yaar aur kya karoon…jab dekho ghotala ghotala ghotala” Harvinder Singh after assaulting Sharad Pawar

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