Jul 172012

In yet another attack on India’s PM Dr. Manmohan Singh by foreign media, British daily, The Independent, termed his tenure under a disparaging headline “Manmohan Singh – India’s saviour or Sonia’s poodle?”

More damningly, The Independent refers to an unequal sharing of power between Singh and Sonia, saying “Observers say one of Singh’s problems is that he has no genuine political power. Rather, he owes his position to Sonia Gandhi…This has meant he has sometimes been unable to even control his cabinet and his failure to more quickly address actions of coalition minister, accused of defrauding the country up to $40 billion in a telecom licence scam, led him to being accused of further weakness.”

The report says Singh’s reforming zeal has evaporated and slowed the country’s growth while political opponents are attacking him for overseeing an administration mired in corruption and sloth. Reference points include the 5.3% growth shock of the first quarter and downgrades by rating agencies among other indicators of a slowing economy.

Reacting to the report in the British daily, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “It is unfortunate that some people misuse editorial licence. While criticism is to be taken in one’s stride; what needs to be kept in mind is that criticism should not cross boundaries of decency and start bordering on the offensive and I do hope that people who are entrusted with the responsibility of handing of editorial content would definitely keep this submission in mind.”

News Source: TNN (Times News Network)

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  1. Look,we can’t blame any part of media ,be it India or international for being unkind to Man Mohan Singh.It is upto the individual to find a place for himself.MMS has abdicated his authority,hence he does not need any sympathy.He needs to stand up and get counted

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