Nov 162011

As we know, Media always likes to highlight that US rejected visa of Narendra
Modi even NAMO never applied for US visa and he has never been invited there as well..

But, China invited Modi to visit there with the delegation of Gujarat business
leaders. Modi went for China visit for 5 days for development purpose with the 22 business leaders delegation & media had no time to show the things what he did there & speak.

"Narendra Modi in China"

Lets know something about what happened there in china during Visit of Narendra Modi:

During the visit of China, Modi said 21st century is Asia’s century and India & China can make a good image of Asia working together. It was meeting arranged there in Shanghai where there was a discussion of Modi with leaders of Communist Party of China. Modi also highlighted the issue that how China allegedly shown some part of Arunachal Pradesh in China’s map, & about the interference Chinese army in POK.

Modi visited Yangshan deep water port. Modi wants to develop Dholera
S.I.R. as per Shanghai model.  Narendra Modi also discussed with the secretary of Shanghai Municipal Government CPC  about environment friendly city development with technology in Gujarat , world level basic facilities , shelter for poor people & importance of Kalpsar project with hi-tech construction technology.

During his introduction to Chinese leaders, Modi even gave his visiting card printed in Chinese.

That was a historic tour by Narendra Modi but tour wasn’t given the importance by our media which it deserves.

Article Originally Written by Ankit Gabani from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

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