Dec 032011

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, who is widely known as crusader against corruption, tweeted that he is going to submit new 100 pages of new secret documents on Dec 3 that is conclusive for proving PC’s guilt. Chakki pise gi baariki se.

Swamy’s twitter followers are also increasing at brisk pace. Till today, he has 36,134 followers. People seem to be appreciating his efforts. Here is the Twitpic of Swamy’s Twitter updates.

"Subramanian Swamy's Twitter Page"

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  2 Responses to “New secret documents to be submitted by Subramanian Swamy to prove Chidambaram’s guilt”

  1. Great Work Done !

  2. Dear Swamy,
    You are a real citizen who is after these corrupt crooks.Kick this ba….d inside Tihar.Publicise his wrong doings.He is the boot licker servant of the Maino dynasty.

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