Jun 252011

India’s present home minister P.Chidambaram had major role in deciding the rates of spectrum with A.Raja, said Dr. Subramanian Swamy in his interview to CNEB news channel.

Dr.Swamy said, “When Spectrum rate was finalised, P.Chidambaram was the finance minister of India and he had a major role in deciding the spectrum price with A.Raja”. Dr.Swamy was the one who exposed country’s biggest scam “2G”. Dr.Swamy has also filed a petition in Supreme Court in which he has revealed the Chidambaram’s involvement in the scam.

He also said, “Some licenses were given to those telecom companies which had a close relation with ISI and China though home ministry had warned the authorities about this but the warning was totally ignored”. P.Chidambaram would soon be in jail, said Dr.Subramaniam.

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