Dec 172011

Around 25 activists ransack PMC opposition leader Aba Bagul’s office as he failed to remove a controversial photo of Congress president with Kasab even two months after it was tagged to his Facebook page.

According to Congress sources, Bagul’s Facebook profile page has been adorning an objectionable picture of Sonia Gandhi feeding biryani to Ajmal Kasab since October and he allegedly did not take necessary measures to remove it.

Congress cadets barged into the office of PMC's leader of opposition Aba Bagul yesterday - Pic Source:

As his dilly-dallying attitude did not go down well with loyal Congress supporters, they decided to teach Bagul a lesson. Bagul said, “I have a Facebook account, but I really don’t know how to operate it. My close aides had created my account. Someone had tagged a controversial picture of Soniaji and Kasab on my profile in October.

I have made a complaint with the cyber cell of the city police and also informed the experts to remove it from my profile on facebook, but to no avail.” The leader said the attack was choreographed by the rival faction which is hell bent on maligning his image in front of the party high command.

“Somebody is trying to ruin my political career as the municipal elections are near. I was also attacked by the goons but had a narrow escape. A chair was hurled at me. It is really sad that such violence incidents are still taking place in the cultural capital of Maharashtra,” added the leader.

Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal and Commissioner Mahesh Pathak visited and took a stock of situation at Bagul’s office. PMC security officer Santosh Pawar has registered a complaint with the Shivajinagar police station.
Nobody has been arrested in this connection so far.

Bagul has, however, recognised one of the attackers named Ganesh Lagas, whom he had himself recommended for the post of party head at Sahakarnagar.

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