Nov 172011

A few months ago, Rahul Gandhi surprised his party colleagues by suggesting elections to the Congress Working Committee (CWC). But entrenched interests and party chief Sonia Gandhi’s desire to make the CWC inclusive to balance regional, religious and caste demands stymied the proposal.

The imminent change at the helm of the Congress promises the beginning of a cultural transformation in the Grand Old Party. Away from the public glare, Rahul Gandhi has set in motion a silent revolution in the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and National Students Union of India (NSUI) by holding free and fair elections – a first for any political party.

Rahul is rewriting the political lexicon of the Congress in his own way. In a revolutionary decision, he engaged the Foundation for Advanced Management of Elections (FAME), led by former election commissioners J. M. Lyngdoh and K. J. Rao, to conduct the polls in the youth and student wings. “Rahul has ensured criminals do not enter politics,” says Rao.

After verifying antecedents, we decide whether a particular person can contest the IYC/ NSUI election or not. Not a single person who has been chargesheeted or faces criminal cases has got elected to the IYC/ NSUI decisionmaking bodies.” He said the election process in these two organisations, which began two years ago, would be completed by December 31.

LASTJuly, Rahul’s determination was put to test by vested interests in the party. In consultation with FAME, the IYC’s Goa unit had disqualified PWD minister Churchill Alemao’s daughter Valanka from contesting the president’s post because she had adopted unfair means.

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  6 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi emerges as New Age Leader”

  1. I would like to add a correction to this news item.
    its not the first time intrnal elections hav taken place in a political party. Wat rahul ji has said is nothing new.
    Loksatta party emerged 5yrs ago has been conducting internal elections at all levels nd for all party posts.

    Even national president of loksatta party is elected by secret ballot. Loksatta has been talking abt internal democracy in party since 15yrs nd made it a reality after it became a political party. Plz note dis nd make changaes to dis news item if possible

  2. Rahul has great charisma with him which influences many.

  3. He should be our NEXT PM.

  4. Long live Rahul Gandhi ! You are the future of our country.

  5. No one can stand before you as you are the best Rahul.

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