Sep 272011

According to the Wikileaks, Rahul Gandhi is not fit for a PM as he has some serious personality and psychological problems. The cable gate also revealed that Rahul Gandhi has shown a poor show in his own constituency Amethi and even many Congressmen don’t believe his abilities to become the Prime Minister of India.

"Rahul Gandhi UP Tour"

Saeed Naqvi, who said all this, has been a close friend of Rahul Gandhi’s father and presently is famous columnist and political insider. Naqvi had this leaked conversation with Poloff.

Naqvi also claimed that his Congress contacts tell him that Rahul has failed as an MP representing the Gandhi pocket borough in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.  Congress purportedly hoped to create a revival campaign in UP based around Rahul and his appeal as a member of the Gandhi dynasty, but has now given up, as he “”is causing more harm than good”” and operates at cross-purposes to the state Congress leadership.

Read here the detailed conversation of Naqvi.

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