Oct 192011

Arvind Kejriwal’s attacker Jitendra Pathak, who attacked him with a slipper in Lucknow, is a former member of Congress Sewa Dal and calls Rahul Gandhi his role model.

He worked with the party from 2006-2009. While Pathak’s association with the Congress is fairly recent, he has been affiliated with the BJP and the SP too. Pathak told the police that he launched his attack after the organizers denied him permission to ask a question during Kejriwal’s speech in Lucknow.

"Arvind Kejriwal attacker Jitendra Pathak in Lucknow with Rahul gandhi"

The attack on Kejriwal comes nearly a week after another Team Anna member and noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan was assaulted by three youths in his chamber inside the Supreme Court for his alleged controversial remarks on Kashmir.

While IAC termed the incident an attempt to divert attention and derail the movement against corruption, ‘Team Anna’ warned the UPA government that if a strong Jan Lokpal Bill was not passed in the winter session of Parliament, it would ensure the defeat of the Congress in next year’s Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

Source: Star News

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