Oct 122011

Rahul Gandhi surprised Dalit family at Mauranipur Village in UP when he suddenly decided to meet them and spent a night also. He even shared food with the poor family also.

The daughter in law of the family Arti served Aaloo with gravy and puri, Rahul held an informal Chaupal with the villagers. Union  minister for state, rural development Pradeep Jain who is also the local MP too remained on toes during the visit while state congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi too rushed from Lucknow to accompany Rahul.

The visit did not come as a suprise as Rahul often makes last minute changes in his itinerary thus even posing security concerns. The local district administration too remained unaware about the undisclosed changes. Already the state government and the central government have exchanged words over Rahul’s previous visit with state government claiming that such move by Rahul lead to security concern, an issue being overlooked by Congress general secretary.

Local villagers said, Indira Gandhi had visited this village nearly thirty years ago.

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  2 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi spent a night at Dalit’s house after eating dinner with them”

  1. You must be the next PM of India. India needs a young and dynamic leaders like you.

  2. New steel plates, steel bowls, steel utensils, LPG lantern, Mineral water bottle and jalebis in plates at a Dalits house which looks to be in shambles. Whom you are fooling Mr. Rahul Gandhi?

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