Oct 172011

Jaisingh Mapari, the sarpanch of Ralegan Siddhi, has been invited by AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi to discuss the development done in the village.

Rahul wants to discuss the innovative projects of village development being undertaken in Ralegan Siddhi.

Ralegan Siddhi is often cited as an example of an ideal village because of its welfare activities.

Initiated by Hazare himself, these activities include watershed development projects, rainwater harvesting and sharing of pastoral lands.

The village has also carved a name for its propagation of community village life and uplift of the poor.

“Gandhi was very interested in the projects and wanted to discuss the same, to implement these projects on a nationwide level,” he added.

The sarpanch received an invitation from Gandhi for a meeting in New Delhi last week.

When the matter was broached before Hazare, he permitted the sarpanch to attend the meeting.  – DNAIndia

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