Nov 162011

Rahul Gandhi had indirectly attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Shiv Sena Party for trying to chase people out from the state through violent means,” said Digvijay Singh.

Rahul Gandhi, who kick-started the Congress Party’s campaign from great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru’s parliamentary constituency of Phulpur on Monday, while addressing a rally told the thousands gathered that Uttar Pradesh was regressing under the leadership of ‘the mafia’ who runs the state.

“How long will you beg in Maharashtra (for work)? How long will you work as a labourer in Punjab? It will take only five years and the change will come,” Gandhi told the gathering, while asking them to give the Congress Party an opportunity to come to power in Uttar Pradesh.

He said locals from UP and Bihar seeking jobs in states such as Maharashtra are ill-treated and on certain occasions they are driven out of the state.

Rahul Gandhi is determined to give a tough fight to the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) led by Mayawati in the Uttar Pradesh.

He often visits various parts of the state focusing equally on the lower caste Dalits, Muslims, socially backward classes and marginalised Hindus. (ANI)

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  4 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi’s beggar remarks clarified by Digvijay Singh”

  1. LOL…! Diggy is as insane like Rahul. So he understand his chellas lingo

  2. Rahul should be the next PM of India.

  3. I request everyone to plz vote for Rahul Gandhi as the next PM of India.

  4. Diggi is always trying to act smart as if he is only smart in this world to understand everything. sometime need to think “koi kitna chaploos ho sakta hai”.
    Rahul Gandhi who wants to become PM of this country or else president of Congress party need very basic lessons on how to talk, when to talk and what to talk, whom we are talking to, where we are talk, what time is right time to talk on that issue, only because he is high elite, that too with gods grace nothing good will come to him without his real inputs.
    I guarantee you he himself will never become PM because as he himself will not accept that post may agree for president post. Why to become king when you can be more than king without crown and become reason to blame.
    Rahul Gandhi is forcefully made politician and not hardcore politics person. He has never suffered finance problems or any kind of problem faced by aam admi so he cannot understand the pain of it.
    I will never ever vote to RG

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