Oct 052011

Film maker Mahesh Bhatt has come out in the support of arrested IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt. He said, “Sanjeev Bhatt is the bravest son of India and my hero as well.”

"Mahesh Bhatt supporting Sanjeev"

Speaking on the NDTV’s show ‘The Buck Stops Here’, Bhatt condemned the Gujarat’s government move and even called Modi more cruel than George Bush.

He said, “Sanjeev Bhatt’s arrest is illegitimate and he is being accused without any crime. It’s absolutely dictatorship being shown by the Gujarat government.”

Mr. Bhatt is openly supporting Sanjeev Bhatt everywhere. He believes that Sanjeev is innocent and Gujarat government  targeting him for speaking truth.

“Even the butcher George Bush explained world the reason to attack Iraq and warned Saddam Hussain as well but Narendra Modi don’t have any legitimate explanation to make for arresting Sanjeev Bhatt,” he said.

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