Jul 242011

"Suresh Kalmadi Corrupt"

Here comes the new drama in Indian politics. Scam tainted Mr.Suresh Kalmadi, who was charged on the basis of corruption in CWG, has been suffering from memory loss for years. But, when he had powers just few months ago, why was no one bothered about this ?

The 66-year-old MP from Pune was recently taken to Lok Narayan Jai Prakash Hospital where an MRI scan was conducted on him. It has been found in the report that he  is suffering from dementia, a disease related to memory loss, and this may have a effect on his ongoing trial.

Kalmadi’s lawyer Hitesh Jain said that his client had been suffering from this problem for last four to five years and the same had been communicated to the jail and investigating authorities.

Now, this can only happen in our country. The person, who is suffering from memory loss disease, was made IOA President, CWG  in charge  and an MP. WOW !


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