Nov 242011

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare reacted to Sharad Pawar’s slap incident and asked, “Was he slapped only once ?”

Pawar was slapped by Harvinder Singh at the NDMC Centre in New Delhi. Singh slapped Pawar while shouting slogans against price rise and corruption cases.

“The prices for all essential commodities have risen. Annaji requested for Lokpal but it did not work out. I’m not a terrorist as a terrorist would never take such a step. I’m fed up of all the corrupt ministers involved in various scams,” he later said while justifying the attack.

On being asked why he slapped the minister, he said that he was tired of scams in the country. Speaking agitatedly, he also said he did not not do it for publicity and added, “I would have killed him if I had my kripan today.”

Singh was pushed aside as soon as he slapped Pawar, but he kept shouting slogans against price rise and corruption. After slapping Pawar, Singh also brandished a small knife and threatened to kill politicians accused of being involved in corruption cases. He also said that he was not worried about the consequences.

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