Dec 262011

Patriotic Tweeter conference held in Banglore today(25 Dec 2011) . About 140 people attended the conference where Swamy spoke on various subjects like patriotism, Hindutva, corruption and Sanskrit. Those who were attending the function were tweeting live with the hashtag #drswamytc. Below are the important part of Swamy’s speech today.


Part of crowd #DrSwamyTC @nationalizer


Following are the must not miss Tweets from Dr Swamy conference..!!

sgdas2004 : Dr. @swamy39 says population which was considered liability now an asset #drswamytc 

harshaperla : younger generation will make sure future growth of the country: Dr swamy. #drswamytc 

@rangats: Dr swamy shortly v will have new innovasions & this young indian population has to b tapped in many ways#DrSwamyTC

subramanianaras  i get more info from tweets than from newspapers. dr.swamy

@sgdas2004#drswamytc says his twitter followers are representation of young motivated intelligent india”

SanghPariwar : valmiki, kalidasa were not born brahmins. Cast was not birth based – @swamy39

#DrswamyTC talking about rigged text books in india which has created a wrong perception

rangats  U.S pushes grants for any institute teaching Sanskrit in U.S #DrSwamyTC 

malviyamit : Baba Ramdev and Dr @Swamy39 to hold a rally on 4Feb in Delhi. Watch out. #DrSwamyTC 

TheArvindDhar  :Yes will call #anna Hazare also but only after Naxlites and anti nationals r removed for our prog : Dr. Swamy #drswamytc 

rangats: without going to war v shud defend our legitimate interest but if need b shud send Airforce #DrSwamyTC 

Rangats   v shud not b in a position where handful of terrorists get what they want #DrSwamyTC 

KiranKS:  Swamy recalls how he got S Soz’s kidnapped girl released, w/o releasing terrorists. Awesome Mossad/England plot pinning JKLF!

rajeshpadmar: lets create New India, with men having tough mindset. mental toughness is the need of the hour.#drswamytc 

swamilion : kasab, guru and rajiv killers are all same. Why difference ? Our PM Killing isnt joke.

rangats : british education system is wrong – social , emotional , moral ,spiritual inteligence has to b concentrated #DrSwamyTC 

rangat : aryan , dravida division was british creation#DrSwamyTC

KiranKS Term “Dravida” was explained by Shankara using “Dra” & “Vit” Sanskrit terms. A land where 3 oceans meet! No Arya/Dravida races.

 rangats :  if there is a clash between national intrest & state – national intrest shall prevail – v r indians first #DrSwamyTC

swamilion :  u r indian., which means what ? What ? U inherit this land, its history. U r nt a passport. Roars..

 : Swamy says he took Raj Thackeray’s hair secretly and compared with a Bihar Taxi driver’s hair. Similar DNA! *applause*

sgdas2004  : saraswati river considered myth proved now using modern tech

TheArvindDhar  Dwaraka is real, people use to mock us but modern science has proved us right :Dr. Swamy #drswamytc 

rameshnswamy :42% of tamil words come frm sanskrit #drswamytc

sgdas2004  says next vision is make sanskrit our language.

rangats  – No community should get reservation if they have ruled the country – only SC , ST deserve reservation #DrSwamyTC


Courtesy : Tweets and pictures from Tweets posted by various tweeple.

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