Nov 172011


Bagga is known for his protest against antinationals.

Less than a week ago India TV carried a story about sting operation conducted on Anna Team attackers. One was about those who attacked Aravind Kejrewal and the other was about Tajinder Singh Bagga’s organisation “Bhagat Singh Kranthi Sena” which attacked Prashanth Bhushan for his remarks on Kashmir.  Although these two people/org belonged to separate political ideology , India TV clubbed them in a single story giving the impression that both were government agents who are anti Anna.. Tajjinder Bagga writes in facebook  “ Still the lines of India TV “We Done this for money” Not give me sleep. I was in tihar for 3 days,If the case will be prove, punishment will be 5 years jail. & they said I just done this for bloddy 21000 RS. This is the worst Allegation on me in my life. Media said me Extrimist & Goon number of times,But i never mind. But this time they said paid to my patriotism & ideology.”

A few days ago, Bagga ,had hinted that he will file case against India TV for defaming him . He tweeted last week “Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena India tv ke khilaf maanhani ka dawa kregi or saabit kregi is tthkathit sting operaation ka jhuth.India TV dn thz fake sting agnst us just bfr 1 day of our hunger strike in support of this just Coincidence or any big Conspiracy.If the sting operation of India TV is true,i demand govt to ban BSKS & send us in jail.but if it will prove false,will govt ban India TV. The So Called Sting Operation on India tv is fake & edited. & i am going to file case against India tv.”

In a recent development, Bagga informed his supporters that he is in touch with a lawyer and may file a case against India TV soon.

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