Aug 222012

Cricket is a Religion in this Country. Every member of Team India is very close to the heart of every Indian. Undoubtedly We have one of the best teams in the world as a result we have won the 2011 WC.

If we closely look at the opening pair of Team India, 3 names comes to everyone mind Sachin, Gautam and Viru. Sachin has got an honor of playing the tournaments which ever he wanted to play(which is undoubtedly because of his life time services to India Cricket which most of us welcome). Now rest we left with 2 names Gautam and Viru.

“Gautam Gambhir” by looking at this name straight away one thing comes to everyone  mind and that is the consistency with class. Seriously he is one of the most consistent players of this current India Team like Virat Kohli. So we have this place secure for all the 3-formats of the game, as he is champion in playing all the 3 formats and he is proving his worth consistently.

“Virender Sehwag” he is the second regular opener for Team India in all the 3-formats of the game. But surprisingly if you look at his recent records in all the 3 formats of the game is very in consistent,forget his IPL season(Rohit Sharma always have awesome IPL season 😛 ), which is a matter of big worry as every one knows he is a big match winner. Most of you may not agree with me, but now this problem is so swear that Indian Selectors should look forward to try other regular openers. So that future of Indian Cricket can be secured as Sachin is not playing many  ODI matches.

Team Selectors have some good options in the form of Ajinky Rahne & Sekhar Dhawan, These guys have descent records at first class career and I feel now the time has come to try these guys with Gambhir. So that these players can have International exposure.








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