Jun 292011

Anna Hazare on Tuesday said PM Manmohan Singh has kept mum because “there is a remote control on him”.

Hazare reiterated that he will not compromise on the five points in the Lokpal bill, including bringing the Prime Minister and all government officials, the CBI and the vigilance commission under the purview of Lokpal.
On Sonia Gandhi snubbing him with a terse reply to his letter, which objected to the campaign launched against him by some Congress leaders, and her reference to Hazare making the letter public, Anna said he did not see anything objectionable in her reply. “I also don’t see what is wrong in giving the letter to the press,” he said.

Speaking to reporters, Hazare said, “Personally, I don’t think Manmohan Singh is scared to come in the Lokpal ambit. But then, there is a remote control on him. I recently wrote a letter to him asking him why he did not wish to come under the ambit of Lokpal. He did not reply to the letter. When I had met him, I had asked him the same question. I asked why a person like him who has a clean image and about whom people say good things did not want to come under Lokpal. He did not say a thing.”

Hazare came down heavily on the criticism that Lokpal would create a parallel government and that it would mean control of “outsiders”. “The voters are higher than Parliament. The voter who becomes a member of a gram sabha after attaining the age of 18 elects the people who form a government. He is the king and has the right to seek an explanation from the rulers if they do not take decisions in the interest of the people. How can you call people of this country outsiders?” he asked.

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