Oct 072011

Speaking at the inauguration seminar on non-conventional energy, Denmark Ambassador Fredie Swane praised Gujarat government for doing wonderful development work in the state. He said, “Gujarat’s not just planning new projects but also implementing them and rest of the Indian states need to follow same.

Taking a cue from Gujarat’s success, he said that just as there is Planning Commission in Government of India there should be an Implementation Commission, too.

"Narendra Modi with Denmark Ambassador Fredie Swane"

Narendra Modi with Denmark Ambassador Fredie Swane

Meanwhile, Gujarat administration  is setting up country’s first 500 MW Solar Park which will produce 10,000 MW of solar energy by using 0.01 per cent of the State’s land.

Gujarat Government is the first in the country and fourth in the world to start a separate department of climate change, as well generate energy from biomass and tidal waves.

Gujarat Government has entered into an agreement to buy 1,000 MW of solar power, as 4,500 million units of electricity can be produced from 2225 MW of wind energy, saving 3-million tones of coal and emission of 4.5-million tones of carbon dioxide.

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