Aug 182011

"Rashid Alvi Congress"

AICC spokesman Rashid Alvi accused Anna Hazare of taking inspiration from US for movement against corruption. Since the US had spoken in the favor of Anna’s fight against corruption Congress strongly believes that America is behind all this.

About Anna’s arrest, the PM said, “We are emerging as one of the important players on the world stage. There are many forces that would not like to see India realize its true place in the comity of nations. We must not play into their hands.”

Alvi further insisted Congress is sure that America wants to create trouble in India that’s why it has instigated Anna Hazare to create chaos everywhere in India.

What India had done no country has ever been able to achieve such heights in just 60 years of Independence so many countries are jealous of India.

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  5 Responses to “US is behind Anna Hazare’s movement: Congress”

  1. Anna ji k piche US or tumhare piche Italy

  2. it is not the matter of who is behing Anna, its the matter of corruption, if corruption is wiped out by a thief the we are ready to support him, we should apprecitate instead of commenting on them

  3. this congress leader just knows hw to talk and fool innocent indians… tht is wht the congress is doin aftr the independance of the country … once the party was filled wht lions and tighers …. but nw it is just filled by mongrel sects ….these are the people who r draining the blood earned money of the poor ppl of this country and corrrupting our country to the utmost height !

  4. kya india hone wali har cheez main videshi haath hi kyun rahta hai. Tum apni galti kyun nahi mante.

  5. Is it true that Smt.Sonia antonio maini aka Gandhi was a paid servant of Russia’s spy agency KGB & Pakistani spy agency ISI then the allegation that USA is behind Anna will not cut much ice. congress spokemen knows only to tell lies, they are trained to tell lies, even they will ditch their mother and go after an Italina mother

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