Oct 292012

Jammu, Octo Oct 28 (IANS) The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Sunday announced its support to a call for a shutdown of Leh Monday. The civil society of Buddhist-majority Ladakh has called for a strike to protest the “forcible conversion of Buddhists by the Muslims”.

VHP state president Rama Kant Dubey said: “Forcible conversions of these Buddhists in Zanskar area of Kargil were done at behest of the Muslim community, against the wishes of Buddhists. There is criminal silence of the administration against the people who compelled the Buddhists to embrace Islam. It shows the connivance of the administration.”

Twenty-six Buddhists of Zanskar tehsil in Kargil district allegedly converted to Islam last month.

Dubey questioned why no action was taken against officials despite a protest lodged by the VHP and the Buddhists of those areas.

According to Muslim community leaders, “a few Buddhist families in Zanskar in Kargil district converted to Islam of their own free will without any force or coercion last month”.

This led to communal tension in Zanskar. Both communities clashed last week resulting in damage to property and injury to protestors. The administration had to impose a curfew Oct 24.

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