Sep 052011

"Mayawati Sandals and flatterers"

According to leaked US cables, Mayawati is so fond of sandals that she often sends private jets to Mumbai for bringing the new pair of sandals for her. Cables revealed, “Mayawati has wasted millions for fulfilling her own desires”.

“On her brirthdays, she likes to receive expensive gifts specially cash. Till date, she has got millions of dollars as gifts from her flatterers”, revealed the US cables.

“She constructed a private road from her residence to her office, which is cleaned immediately after her multiple vehicle convoy reaches its destination,” the cable said.

Cablegates also disclosed about the dictatorship of Maya. Once Mayawati made a state minister do sit-ups in front of her as punishment for a minor protocol error.

Calling herself Dalit ki beti, She lives luxurious lifestyle, drives BMW, flies in private jets, lives in a big bunglaw, likes to receive expensive gifts, spends millions on her own statues, loves money garlands, sends private jets just for sandals etc.

She has nine cooks as well (two to cook, the others to watch over them) and two food tasters.
I wonder if anyone will ever do something for the poor state UP.

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