Oct 282011

Even as the National Highway Authority of India is planning to install speed sensors and the police gearing up to fine speeding vehicles on Gurgaon Expressway, markets have been flooded with devices that can help offenders detect the cops interceptor vehicles.

So, most commuters have gone a step ahead of the police and installed the imported device called speed radar sensor in their vehicles. These sensors can detect speed radars from a distance of 2-3 km and alert the driver, thus giving him ample time to slow down and  escape heavy penalty.

The gadget, easily available in western countries and now in the grey markets of Delhi such as Palika Bazaar and Gaffar Market, costs little less than Rs 5000.

“I got one from the during my last visit in August. It is an amazing device which i have installed on the dashboard of my car. It triggers loud alarm the moment it detects a speed radar installed by the traffic police from the distance of 2-3 km. It gives me ample time to slow down and is especially helpful on national and state highways,” said a Gurgaon resident.

Unfortunately, the police department will not be able to prevent misuse of the device as they do not seem to be aware of it.

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