Dec 172012

Pakistan is not the only state being exploited in the name of terrorism. Every Tom Dick and Harry is blaming all the Muslim nations and states for supporting terrorism. Every commentator pokes his nose in the affairs of these states. Every ruler who says some thing about al Qaida automatically speaks about Pakistan and Islam. There are many countries in the world whose internal affairs are not smoothly running due to terrorism. They are always spared. If you cast a cursory glance at India the world’s biggest democracy you would find many negative activities there. There are human rights violations acts of terrorism and state terrorism against many political parties and leaders. Even the western countries are not devoid of it.

China is always in the news is considered the abuser of the human rights on international level. The countries of South America are the hubs of narcotics and terrorism. The adopted child of America Israel is committing horrible crimes against humanity. All these crimes are curable and ignorable but that of Afghanistan and Pakistan are not. Indian commit atrocities, they are fighting against the rebels and terrorists. America along with NATO forces devastates Iraq and Afghanistan; it is to save the humanity! The Israelis are massacring the innocent Palestinians; they are obliged to fight for their safety and freedom. They have right to fight and desecrate the humanity.

There are double dealings in every affair. Islam and Islamic countries have been connected with terrorism by the autocratic media. It is a pity that no body is there to clarify the situation. The rulers are intimidated of bad consequences if they do not at upon the advice. The agencies are playing their games in the vast field. Nemesis of the Muslim rulers has started and the people are rising against them. The western countries who used to be the entities to fall upon for the rulers are now aiding the publics to root out the governments of their allies. Hosni Mubarak and Tunisian president Zain al abiding are the best examples. Earlier Saddam was the friend of the west. In this way one after the other the Muslim countries are being destroyed internally and externally.

Those who were the producers of al-Qaida episode are them selves blaming other for its sustenance. The afghan Russian war was the venue, where the building of al-Qaida was erected to fight the worst kind of apostates the red Russians. Soviet Union gave way and the al-Qaida became the name of the game. The hunter came to the heels of it and made it a cat’s paw for their vested interest. At this time there is no body in the world who could call a spade a spade. The powerful is always true and the weak is wrong. He is to die the death of a dog or he should yield to the powerful.

At a cursory glance we come to know that only the Muslim countries are under siege. They are being besieged. They are being declared as terrorist. Muslims have been depicted as the inhuman from Somalia to Tunisia and from Turkey to Japan. Every where they derogated and despised. They are jeered at by the common non Muslims. In fact it is the fault of Muslim rulers who have become corrupt and the followers of the west. There is not any one Muslim ruler at this time of history that is not faithful to the west.
The west molded rulers come rule plunder and again go to west. There wealth is being recycled by the Swiss banks for enslaving the peoples of the Muslim countries. There is no Muslim state at this time that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the west and have self respect. There is no Muslim state that can deviate from the decreed path of the west. Self respect and honor are by gone. Favoritism, has been replaced the nationalism the sincerity has changed its meanings and the lust for wealth has slumbered the conscience of the Muslims.

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