Nov 172011

The question which arise among every common people  when they see a high profile criminal getting parole easily as compared to ordinary criminal with no power and money .  It not only reflect the weakness of our judiciary system but also affects the trust of the common people on the system .

Why does any case in our court takes years ? Why does the criminals having power and money gets parole easily as compared to the a common criminal who is far from this ?  There so many loopholes in our system and nobody to feel this loophole.

Tihar jail has become a  sweet honeymoon palace for most of the rich criminal . The power ful and rich criminals like Yadav brothers and 2g spectrum loss criminals  gets three time food from outside .They don’t have to wear  criminal clothes .They are allotted with separate air conditioned room  with attached bathroom ,T.v to watch and other lucrative things which is out of reach of ordinary criminal . We have heard discrimination on caste ,creed , religion but Why there is discrimination between criminal although they have done same crime ? What are our law minister doing if there so many loopholes in the country judiciary system ?

Why we are paying him money if he can’t see this injustice ?  There are so many questions but there is darkness after every questions .

If we can have revolution on corruption ,why can’t we have revolution on the judicial system ?Are the youth of our country still sleeping or they need some like anna to wake them & show them the path ?

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  1. You are absolutely right. VIPs are given 5 start treatment.

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