Dec 142011


Carl L. Bankston III , Professor of Sociology at Tulane University in New Orleans defends Dr Swamy in his article 

Some of the important point he makes are given below

At the most basic level, an employer is making a decision about the continuation of an employee on the basis of political activities completely unrelated to the job, there being no support whatsoever for the claim that Swamy “might” be unfair to some students. 

The petitioners also raised questions about Swamy’s ability to treat all students equally (another common strategy by enforcers of conformity), even though there is no evidence at all of his ever discriminating against non-Hindu students at Harvard.

 I cannot see why the organization of the faculty at Harvard, as an institutional entity, should have any business taking positions on what are acceptable or unacceptable opinions for Indians on political and social questions in India.

Source and image courtesy : .themoralliberal

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  One Response to “Carl L. Bankston defends Swamy on Harvard Issue.”

  1. I agree with Carl totally. What Dr. Swamy has written has nothing to do with his skills as a teacher. Moreover, billions of people across the globe agree with what he has said.

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