Nov 172011

Yes this is true that China is now scared of Indian military modernization plan in which the  Indian will be raising 1 lakhs troops near china border .  Also India role has now been acknowledge at the global arena and china is not happy to see other countries giving preferences to India in place of China .

Feeling the pinch of this China daily one of the newspapers under the government has warned India about its expansion plan on china border.  Also china now fears that it is losing the grip on the south china sea dispute as most the countries involved in this dispute are now looking towards India to counter Chinese aggression .  That’s why India has improved its relations with Vietnam ,Japan, South Korea and other east Asia countries .

The Chinese are also furious  with India getting  easily access to the high technologies from U.S  & and European countries  after a long time ban on India due to Nuclear test .

Eventhough Chinese are large in number but one thing they should remember than the battles are not won by numbers but by strength and courage which Indian forces had .


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