Dec 092011

Got a chance to chat with Javier Moro on Twitter, spoke about Sonia Gandhi about whom he wrote in his book “The Red Sari”.The book created very big controversy and the Congress workers had even burnt the book in front of TV cameras. Read the conversation..

nationalizer : You are  the one who wrote Red Sari ? In short words, tell me something about Sonia Gandhi ?

Javier Moro : Sonia is ungrateful and she has forgotten her nationals. She does not even answer the queries sent by her native villagers.

nat : also she seems to work for the nation she was born to ?

Moro : that is untrue.

nat : then ? It is a known fact that she helps christian missionaries in India.?

Moro :  I believe she is secular. She does not help proselytism.

nat : Acc to u. Is sonia a danger to Indians ? What abt her money stashed abroad in swiss banks, do u have any info.?

Moro : She is not a danger. She is doing her duty as an Indian woman would do, passing along the torch to her son…

nat : U seemed to be very kind to Sonia.Then I do not understand why they burnt your books ?

Moro : Neither do I. Ask Singhvi, he was the mastermind behind that stupidity.(A. Manu Singhvi represents Sonia Gandhi and threatened me & publishers to forbid publication of The red sari, M Singhvi was behind the burning of the book in front of media, giving an image of India as a medieval country.He managed to scare away prospecto ve english language Publishers.)

From twitter

I feel the author is not so much exposing Sonia Gandhi, but what confuses me is why were Congressis so much angry ? It should be noted that the english version of novel is not yet released, but how the congress workers managed to read the contents ? Did they read it at all or jumped the gun ? As Mr.Moro says, did Abhishek Manu Singhwi Masterminded this Much Ado about nothing ?

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