Dec 252012

The Brutal Gang rape of 23 years old girl made me unconscious and it is killing me inside day and night. It seems like I am living with cannibals not with human beings. Gang rapes and other sex crimes against women in India are being committed with such brazenness that they seem to originate with the thought that it is easy to get away after the crime. They know nothing is going to happen with them in India if they have money power.

"Delhi Gang Rape Protest"

We are fake people who say this is the country where we worship woman as a goddess. We still burn effigy of Ravan every year with zeal and jest. When we will burn the modern Ravan those are actually ruining our life. Don’t we have law to punish them? Biggest question of parents that are my daughters safe in Delhi? Who will give the answer?  Who will take the accountability of crime against women? Being a woman I am regretfully saying I should not have born as a girl. I am not safe here to pursue my dream. I was afraid of ghost’s stories in my childhood but, now I am afraid of real ghosts who are around us. I am not able to concentrate on my career and development because I have to think about my safety first.

Although I am not law student but still it seems like I am not living in democratic country because there is nothing like “By the people, for the people, of the people” then, where are our rights to react against them?  “Protect yourself otherwise suffer” this is the actual scenario of India. I have heard many times that girls are responsible for most of the crimes against them. They encourage men to commit crime by wearing short dresses if I agree for a minute. On the other hand, I want to ask what about those old aged women and baby kids? How come they are being raped and sexually harassed. Are they too responsible for crime against them?  I am sorry to say but female f0eticide is better than having a painful life for those parents and women who are trying to protect female f0eticide.

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"Khushi Singh"

Written by: Khushi Singh


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