Sep 262011

Next time, if you ever decide to fight against the corruption, you must think it twice as this decision can land you in trouble. You may be jailed, killed, booked for breaking law, raided by various government departments and many more things can happen to you.

I’m not joking here as this has always happened in India. All of us know, when ‘Tehelka’ exposed politicians many years ago, it was almost ruined at that time. Anna Hazare had to go to jail for fighting corruption. Baba Ramdev’s supporters were lathi charged for raising their voice against black money. If you deny to pay bribe, you are beaten to death. Shehla Masood and Raj Bala were even killed for fighting a good cause and there are many more examples like these.

Our many leaders here hate patriots as they interfere in their work and waste their crucial time, which they need to save for making money and saving their chairs.

What Government actually wants to say: If you hate corruption, start loving it. If you are fed-up with this, leave this country. If you wanna fight it, you are anti-India. If you expose corrupt leaders, you would be killed.

Though I don’t see any kind of democracy in this still our leaders keep calling their ways democratic.

After writing this, someone might sue me for defamation.

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