Oct 062011

In this developing India, numbers of hungry people are also increasing. Millions of people don’t have enough food to eat but we like to spend our hard-earned money by burning Ravana. Does someone really care about needy Indians here ? Are we really learning good lessons from Great Rama ?

There are many Ramlila committees which collect money for their Ramlila celebrations and Ravana burning. Many people donate good some of amount thinking that God would bless them for their good charity. But, is the God really becoming happy with this kind of a social work ?

If we really wanna celebrate the victory of good over evil, we should feed millions of hungry people on the day of Dussehra, instead of burning Ravana, by collecting money in the name of Ramlila.

We Indians should also take oath to protect our mother ‘Earth’ which gives every single thing we use. But, we also harm it by burning Ravana and create huge pollution.

In real, we are harming Earth and ignoring our fellow Indians. How come Dussehra is teaching us good lesson ?

Moreover, many corrupt leaders attend the Dussehra celebrations, as a Chief Guest,  in the various parts of our countries. And we are learning good lessons from Dussehra, ROFL !

Lord Rama always helped people and thought about the goodness of his own people. Even he would be angry somewhere after seeing all this. Rama also told us to serve others always. But, no one actually is following this in India.

Even the Ravana would be laughing at us thinking, Indians burn me for my sins, but their many leaders are bigger sinners and they make them Chief Guest, welcome them with garlands as well.

At last, I would like to say; please stop burning Rava, protect environment, use the money for good cause.

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  1. So true words ! It’s very important to protect our earth now.

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