Sep 222011

Dr. Subramanian Swamy has proved once again that he has a great patriot of India who never fears to expose even the very powerful leaders. This Economics Professor from Harvard is really doing the great job for this country and its people.

"Dr. Subramanian Swamy in Court"

Due to him, one of the biggest scams of India ‘2G’ came to surface. Even yesterday, Subramanian Swamy produced a letter before Supreme Court which was written to PMO by Finance Ministry. Letter had shocking details which also suggested Chidambaram’s  alleged role in 2G. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee accused then Finance Ministry for its alleged involvement in 2G and P. Chidambaram was India’s FM at that time.

In the history of India, no individual has ever dared to produce such a strong documents against the country’s Home Minister in SC. Dr. Swamy’s guts are praiseworthy.

Many accused in 2G scam are already in Tihar Jail and Chidambaram might be next big Indian gun in the same arena. Dr. Swamy has been fighting dangerous battles against big Indian politicians for many years. Indians must take inspiration from this brave man who has really made us proud with his brave patriotic work.

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  2 Responses to “Brave move by Subramanian Swamy indeed”

  1. Very Nice Article.There is no patriot greater than Dr.Swamy today or even in the past.We should also thank Dr.Swami for saving Ram-Setu from dredging which had nearly taken place if not for the last minute Intervention of Swami and bringing successfully a court order to stay all activities to dredge Ram Setu.Dr.Swamy is a true Hero of India and this article is a glowing tribute to our National hero…

  2. Dr. Swami is praiseworthy. The power crushes. But he’s fighting against the scams of the powerful. He is great. Only if we had him as our Prime Minister.

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