Jan 102013

There have been close to 200 ceasefire violations since 2009 by Pakistan, in which we have lost our hundreds of brave soldiers. Our response; Indian politicians come out and start condemning, moreover we ourselves take the initiative for peace talks and resume the project known as ‘Aman Ki Asha’.

"Indian Soldier Hemraj Dead Body"Pakistan has always tried to disrupt Indian system by sending terrorists, fake currency, pirated cds, giving shelter to India’s most wanted ‘Dawood Ibrahim’, and many more dirty tricks it has used against us. Surprisingly, we have tried to resume peace talks in response, and Pak keep violating all the rules of being neighboring country.

Many Pakistani celebrities like Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Veena Malik are big hit in India even we have always respected people like Wasim Akram and made him the coach of our IPL team. Many people from Pakistan have got themselves successfully treated in India. We have also allowed FDI from Pakistan. Inspite of all this, Pakistan keeps banning many bollywood movies and songs in response. Its leaders, Imams and Army generals keep spewing venom against India.

Butchering of our brave man ‘Captain Saurabh Kalia’ is still fresh in every Indian’s mind. Recently, two more Indian soldiers were beheaded during the ceasefire violation. Many Indian soldiers have been killed brutally by Pakistani Army and terrorists. We people do nothing except condemning. Taking our concern to UN and US is our maximum response. After doing all things against India, Pakistan is always in denial mode and we are always ready for ‘Aman Ki Asha’. But, what about our soldiers ? Who will take their responsibility ? When will Indian government be serious in protecting their lives ? Why don’t we value them and their families ? Why do we think that soldier gets paid by government and it’s his duty to die for country and let him die ? After every brutal incident, everyone makes hue and cry then later why India forgets ?

It’s because of Indian Army and its soldiers we Indians are very safe otherwise countries like Pakistan and China would have swallowed us long time ago. It is really the time to pay back to our brave men and value their life. Indian government must take tough stand now and protect our soldiers.

Common Indians are fed-up with peace talks, government must do something concrete. I’m damn sure about one thing…….If we were in US and Israel, these kind of things would never have continued.

Written by: Sachleen Kaur…..Follow her on Twitter

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