Nov 282011

The ruckus over FDI (Foreign Direct Investement) in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha has costed India more than 15 crore in just 6 days. And I’m sure that this lost amount will be recovered from the Mango men through rising inflation, taxes etc.

This was supposed to be the very important winter session of 21 working days of Parliament in which 5 days have been lost. Many crucial bills including ‘Janlokpal’ are pending but politicians seem to be more busy in wasting this crucial time.

Our politicians already know that effective Janlokpal bill is very important for the country. It will be great weapon of controlling corruption but they look more concerned in other things.

Government should have introduced the issue of FDI after the Janlokpal bill. It shows that they are still not serious about it.

Millions of people came on road in the support of strong anti-corruption bill but the Government is still unmoved.

And, the amount lost due to furor in the parliament will again be recovered by ‘Aam Admi’, and I’m sure about it.

Our leaders always talk about democracy and peace. But, who will call this country democratic after seeing the outburst in the parliament.

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