Jan 302012

Islamabad, Jan 30 (ANI): ‘Banned’ outfit Jamaatud Dawa ( JuD) chief Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has urged the Pakistan government to get out of the US-led war and focus on a war to secure the freedom of Kashmir.

He insisted that all religious parties would instrumentalise his warning if it was not taken seriously.

Addressing a public meeting at Multan Sports Ground, he also threatened to stop NATO supplies to US soldiers in Afghanistan by force if the government doesn’t announce a date for quitting the American war on terror, the Daily Times reports.

Insisting that the “Multani prime minister” was quick in accepting his mistakes like his retreat on the Abbottabad operation and a statement in the Supreme Court, Saeed said: “I advise him to confess this land was used against Afghanistan.”

Saeed further said that the US and India were highly worried because of their defeat in Afghanistan, and therefore, they have launched a propaganda campaign against Pakistan. He insisted that India begged Washington not leave it alone in Afghanistan but the Americans assured New Delhi they would get her declared Most Favoured Nation (MFN) by Pakistan.

“Let’s seek forgiveness from Allah. Let’s accept publicly that the strategic partnership with US was a wrong decision,” he added. (ANI)

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