Dec 082011

The India has been consistently maintain that   nuclear Iran isn’t in New Delhi’s interests, for a number of reasons. But  why it is not understood its positiveness .   Even though India also knows by sanctions  nothing will happen as India already had much experience of it when it faced the similar sanctions  .   So instead of bowing down to the West pressure India should help Iran to acquires the nuclear weapons for its own interest .  Also India could make them feel that they are there friend at the time of need and develop very strong relations with them .

Well there are numerous reasons why India should support  Iran in their nuclear program  :-

# Sunni-dominated Pakistan and Shia-led Iran don’t always see eye to eye, and a nuclear Iran would mean Pakistan was flanked by nuclear powers .

#   It would also open diplomatic space for India in the Middle East as India is friend of ISRAEL,U.S. and IRAN

# It will open the gulf route for India which is already having 100 billion business with them thus increasing more opportunities .

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