Nov 072012

As we all know Gujarat election is at the door and whole country eyeing on this election, not only because they want to know whether Modi will again be the CM of Gujarat, but also because this election result can affect the 2014 general elections.

13 and 17 December has been decided for the Gujarat’s election. No doubt,  this time Narendra Modi is having tough fight in Gujarat, but as Congress is having many problems in Gujarat to win the confidence of people because of its poor show being in Central Government and many Congress leaders joining BJP in the state. This could be a big problem for Congress in Gujrat.

GPP (Gujrat Parivartan Patry) formed by Keshubhai Patel is also creating problem for both the parties. May be Keshubhai
Patel can’t take many seats, but he may create problems by dividing votes.

If Modi wins more than 120+ seats it can help him to be projected as next Prime Minister candidate for NDA, so Modi and Gujrat BJP have to do a lot this time. Congress is also hoping to form government because of GPP. This time, Congress is more powerful under
Shankar Singh Vaghela’s leadership in Gujarat.

1st time Congress looks united in Gujarat, but Modi also looking more confident about victory because of his development work in last 10 years. But, only win is not enough for Modi. Modi should come out making himself more powerful this time.

Right now, all parties are trying to make get strength in Saurashtra because of 58 seats of Saurashtra have always been important to form government. And, Saurashtra is the part where Keshubhai is having better hold than other areas.

Patel factor can make the difference in Saurashtra and Keshubhai patel also belongs to this cast. If cast factor works then it could be a big problem for Modi in Saurashtra. because Majority of Patel votes have been working in favour of BJP for 18 years.

At last, people know better about all this and will take decision at election time, but all parties want to make strong impact. If Modi gets power again then he could be the Prime Minister candidate, so future of Modi will be decided by Gujarat voters in election. Even this time, future of India is in the hand of Gujaratis.

                                                                                                                                       Contributed by Ankit Gabani (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

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