Sep 022011

"Shashi Tharoor Congress MP"

Former Union Minister and Congress MP from Kerala criticized Anna Hazare saying, he has no right to become the threat to democracy, if he really wants to participate in making laws he must fight election.

“We cannot accept small group of unelected people imposing their will on Parliament”, said Tharoor.

“Democracy can’t be run from Ramlila and TV studios, it should be conducted from the both the houses of Parliament”.

“If we cannot claim to represent the people of India, but somebody else, who never stood for elections but has lot of television cameras around him and a few thousand people in a Maidan…. Will he be the voice of the people? Is that democracy?,” he said addressing a gathering at Jawaharlal Nehru University here last night.

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  5 Responses to “Anna Hazare never stood for elections so he can’t become the voice of Indians: Shashi Tharoor”

  1. What about those who have won elections and don’t listen to the voice of people who made them their representatives? “Absurd” is the only word to say it all. Who had him as a guest???

  2. Anna Hazare need not fight elections. Anna Hazare’s main objective is to twist the tails of parliamentarians and state legislators to move on the right track and remind of their responsiblities.

  3. how mahatma gandhi could become the voice of nation without winning an election ? shashi’s statement doesn’t surprise me.actually he belongs to such a party which know nothing about its FATHER.

  4. hioi…

  5. shashi Taroor..what he has done for our country,by winning the election???
    he is a shame to my state….
    you p’ple sitting in those Houses have never heard p’ple’s voice and are looting poor’s money for your childrens..

    Anna Hazare can become the people’s voice without standing in the election.
    INDIA as a democratic country and we as Her democratic people say

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