Nov 182011

Nandan Nilekani Chairman UIDAI

This is the  Mission statement is from UIDAI website,

The role that the Authority envisions is to issue a unique identification number (UIDAI) that can be verified and authenticated in an online, cost-effective manner, which is robust enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities.


Now Home Minister says the biometric census done by the Unique Identification project does not pass security criteria.   Chidambaram and the Registrar General had red flagging the biometric data collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

I am one of those who already have given data to aadhar. I found it very surprising, that they were not cross checking any data of mine. In short if i wanted to , I could have got card with the name of different person. What is in cooking ?

Why did Home ministry not stop this data collection earlier? Already more than a 10 crore people have got the card, and many have given their data to the project. What will happen to those data ?

Some people suggest Bengladeshis and Pakistanis who are illegally staying in India can also get this card, because this does not ask for any proof. An affadavit is necessary to get the card ?

Is this another scam which will affect the privacy and security of citizens , time will tell ?

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